How A Dance Shoe Should REALLY Fit

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Posted on February 07 2024

How A Dance Shoe Should REALLY Fit
Often wonder why staff in dance shops fit a shoe the way they do? Have you ever said in store "but her toe is right at the end - it's too small"? You're not alone! We are very mindful that parents do love a little growing room, and yet we are also aware that some customers ask for unreasonable amounts of growing room.

So let's break it down for you! 

SAFETY. Most dance shoes are designed to fit super snug on the foot. With soft leather shoes (ballet or jazz), yes you will see your child's toe right at the end. These shoes are designed to be a 'second skin' and support each feature of the foot. Too much room in the shoe will create the following issues:

Ballet Shoes - excess size will create an unsightly fold at the toe when pointing, and the heel of the shoe may slip off. The suede arch will not support the foot.

Jazz Shoes - excess room won't support the foot, and your dancer may actually find that the heel slips making the shoe incredibly difficult to dance in. The heel will be unsupported also, and any slight pronation and supination will be exaggerated - possibly causing injury to the ankle.

Tap Shoes & Character Shoes - as there is a low or cuban heel involved, it is always best to go with a more snug fit. A pinky finger at the back is more than enough room to grow (the buckle & strap will reign in the foot to the back of the shoe). Any more than this and the shoe becomes unstable & the risk of injury increases.

Chorus Heels - due to height of the shoe, it is never recommended that a dancer sizes up. They must have a perfect fit. An ill fitting heel will create instability & as a result, possible injury.

Pointe Shoes - requires to be professionally fitted & so many details are taken into account before a Pointe Shoe is even considered for a fitting. For dancers who have been given the thumbs up to go en-pointe, the shoe may feel super snug and uncomfortable to begin with, however they will relax and be comfortable once the are broken in. Bookings are necessary in our store for a Pointe Shoe fitting, so that we can ensure we have qualified staff on site to perform the fitting.

We will always take into consideration a customers request for sizing, however we will also make sound recommendations on what we believe to be the safest fit. The art of compromise!

So come and see us today for your personalised footwear fitting.

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