Social Media & Copyright Terms Of Use

At Dancewear Nation Australia we pride ourselves in our unique handling of marketing, including but not limited to social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Please find below our Social Media & Copyright Terms Of Use.


Dancewear Nation Australia hand selects dancers and performers to take part in promotional photo shoots to assist us with advertising new products or collections from our suppliers. Permission from a parent or guardian is required by way of an online consent form for talent under the age of 18 years, before the photoshoot commences. Work will not be carried out unless the online consent form is completed and returned to us.

We conduct our photoshoots by way of cross-promotion, working together with our brands, the talent and their studio or training facility. Permission to tag the talent and their studio is sought prior to publishing.


The images taken by our business are under copyright and are owned in full by Fitzgerald Enterprises (Aus) Pty Ltd trading as Dancewear Nation.

Images are inclusive of photographs, text and artwork.

Talent and their direct familiesΒ who work with us are encouraged to use and share our images under the condition that they tag and credit our business.

Businesses who would like to use and/or share our images must do so with prior permission. Please email Use of our images without prior permission is strictly prohibited under the Copyright Act 1968.

Businesses who work with us, and in turn use our discounted or loaned product for their promotional images or performances (including but not limited to sponsorship or prizes offered), must credit our business as negotiated at the time.


From time to time we may use our suppliers images to promote a product or collection. The images used with permission from our contracted suppliers and are credited in full. Where known, we will also credit the talent in the image.

For further information, please contact us by email.