The Wiggles: Dance with Emma! LiftThe-Flap Book

The Wiggles: Dance with Emma! LiftThe-Flap Book | Dancewear Nation Australia


This classic die-cut lift-the-flap favourite has been newly refreshed in our fun and colourful illustrative Wiggly style guide bringing it back in with the rest of our core Wiggles range

• The Wiggles are best known and loved for their music and songs, and children will have lots of fun singing-along to the fan favourite, Dance with Emma in this song book with lyrics included!

• Lift-the-flaps will provide hours of entertainment for enquiring young minds and busy little fingers!

• An easy to read format that is perfect for bedtime, or an afternoon sing along session with mum or dad!

• A great format for child care centres, kindergartens and educational suppliers