The Dancers Journal

The Dancers Journal by Andrea Dalton | Dancewear Nation Australia


The Dancer's Journal is a wonderful tool for dancers, creating a unique way to record goals and achievements in and out of the studio. Stunning imagery and quotes inspire and motivate whilst the knowledge rich pages keep you informed with dance terminology and important dates. A special place to keep important notes, jot down ideas or scrapbook your favourite images along with an expandable pouch for all your bits and pieces. This beautifully bound journal has a water resistant cover with a vertical elastic closure which can also mark your page. 


> Dance studio term dartes

> Important dates - a quick reference for competitions, performances, examinations, concerts etc

> Web reference for up-to-date information and articles regarding stretching, safe dance practice plus more

> Elements of dance & Ballet terms

> Goal setting & aspirations

> Personal & Technical achievement charts - track your progress as you improve. A great way to help reach your goals!

> Record class notes, set reminders and add teachers comments

> Scrapbook pages for choreography notes, music references, photo's, and cut-outs

> Checklists for recitals & performances

> Inspirational quotes to keep you motivated